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Growth hacking books and Internet marketing books are full of useless, high-level advice that will leave you with no idea as to what you should actually do to grow a product or company at the end of the day. It turns out that there's enough money around selling the veneer or consulting that the authors could make a bunch of money without ever giving away the actual secret sauce.

You'll notice immediately: This book is not like those books.

Open this book with zero experience in Internet marketing or growth hacking, and you'll walk away knowing a dozen strategies you can actually use to grow a company, service, product, or app. Perhaps more importantly, you'll know exactly what the steps are to actually doing that.

The truth is growth hacking just isn't that hard once someone tells you how to do it. It's just that no one ever has.

August 8th UPDATE:

We are adding some special bonuses to the "Ultimate Growth hacking" bundle!

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2) Four Free eBooks from Vin Clancy - The ONE secret to getting massive engagement on Facebook, The growth hackers' guide to productivity, 10 growth hacking articles that broke the Internet, and the "How to Special"

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4) 3,000+ Tech PR contacts - So you can reach the right person to get press for your startup even faster!

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1. The Thought Process: How to think like a Growth Hacker and hack every system you find.

2. Instagram: Grow your Instagram following by thousands per day, and turn that into sales.

3. The Perfect Landing Page: Based on millions of data points from thousands of companies.

4. SEO in One Day: Exactly what you need to do find and rank for the best keywords. It works every time.

5. Becoming an Authority Site: Hijack the discussion of the web and become the authority overnight.

6. Getting Press: Exactly how to reach thousands of reporters per day with the perfect, personalized pitch.

7. Twitter: If you don't get 50 highly targeted leads/signups per day using Twitter you're doing it wrong.

8. Pinterest: They say it's the hardest social network to growth hack. It's among the easiest.

9. YouTube: The YouTube ranking system is quite simple, and we can easily beat it.

10. App Store Optimization: Steal downloads and customers from your competitors with barely any work.

11. Paid Search Marketing: With focus on Facebook & Google, we beat their systems to get dirt cheap ads.

12. How to Track Almost Anything: How to measure what works and what doesn't with precision.

13. Content Marketing: Probably the reason you ended up reading this table of contents in the first place.

14. Live Presentations & Sales: How to give rooms full of people your sales pitch for free, as often as you'd like.

This stuff works.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Early backers of our Kickstarter campaign watched as we used the growth hacking tactics in the book to sell the book itself. Because Kickstarter and Indiegogo revenue numbers are public, anyone can verify that we used the methods in this growth hacking book to pre-sell $110,000 of a book that didn't exist yet. This stuff is powerful.


Together we've driven millions of monthly pageviews, generated millions of social media followers, gathered millions of emails, and earned millions of dollars in revenue.

Vin Clancy

Vin (formerly known as Vincent Dignan) is a growth hacker, public speaker, consultant, and entertainer. He bootstrapped his way out of being on welfare in the UK by teaching himself to growth hack, eventually starting his own Techstars-backed growth hacking agency: Magnific. He currently coaches entrepreneurs on how to improve their growth hacking strategies.

Austen Allred

Austen received the Internet in his home as a present for his eighth birthday, and he has been an Internet marketer ever since. Starting in the early days of manipulating the search results of Lycos, AltaVista, and eBay, he has since worked at many agencies and startups. He is currently a Senior Growth Manager at LendUp in San Francisco.”

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